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The following Buyers Tips are taken from Ross' Home Buyer Tune Up Program.  "Get Ready To Buy Your Home", is an email Home Buyers Course created by Ross Kay for people wanting more information and knowledge on buying a home.
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Why YOU need a Buyer's Realtor First!! 
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This isn't the 1990's anymore and the way homes are bought and sold has changed drastically in many ways.  Changes both legally for the buyer and seller and ethically for the realtor, has made the need for a Buyer's Realtor paramount.
The Secret is getting your Buyer's Realtor early in the process.  Ross suggests getting a Buyers Realtor before you even start to visit open houses or call on ads.  
Why?  Because early in the process, you are not emotionally attached to a specific home, area or financial institution. This lack of attachment allows you tremendous flexibility in choices and your decisions are usually more rationally achieved.
You also are starting the process as an educated Home Buyer, which makes you that much more in charge.  
Why YOU Should NEVER buy your Home through the Listing Agency!! 
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Follow this Easy 3 Step System to Buying Success! 
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Burlington Ontario real estate
Burlington Ontario real estate
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